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      Meet the Walter White of Beer

      A Danish high school chemistry teacher created an international beer empire that's better than meth.

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      Foie Gras Is the Devil’s Work

      Foie gras is the result of gavage, a technique of forcing a tube down the throat of a helpless goose, and pumping the bird so full of food that their liver expands to about ten times the size. Eating it is like availing oneself of a massage parlor, an experience of sublime pleasure but of questionable morality.

      The Walter White of Beer

      Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a Danish chemistry teacher, ended up founding one of the world’s most acclaimed microbreweries, Mikkeller. Now, he’s running a budding international beer empire that’s much better than meth.

      The Los Angeles Food Scene Is Better Than New York’s

      I’ve lived in LA since I left the Israeli army at age 21, and have been cooking in restaurants ever since. Ten years ago, the food scene here wasn’t so hot. But with the high quality produce and amazing chefs that are here now, we’re inching towards New York in our greatness.

      People Don’t Know How to Order in Restaurants Anymore

      The art of politely and intelligently ordering food is as lost an art as the notion of manners in our modern era. I’ve come up with a prognosis list of diners to help figure out if you should to change your ordering game altogether or just need to pay a nice long visit to the shrink.

      This Billboard for Rabbit Pizza Is Made From Dead Rabbit Parts

      The internet was up in arms—sorry, paws—yesterday over a New Zealand pizza chain erecting a billboard to try and sell their smoked rabbit pizza that was plastered with rabbit pelts and the line, “Made from real rabbit. Like this billboard.”


      MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca: Trailer

      Watch the trailer for our MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca, wherein VICE Mexico editor, Daniel Hernandez takes us on a journey through the culinary paradise that is the state in southern Mexico.

      Chickens Are the Original Hipsters

      When groups of chickens get together, they have a tendency to peck at each other; sometimes, to death. Enter tinted chicken glasses and contact lenses, which help to suppress their violent, cannibalistic urges, setting off a fashion trend long before celebrities figured it out.

      We Talked to the Legendary Pop Punk Producer Who Left Music for Donuts

      Donut Friend is the longtime dream and pet project of Mark Trombino, the former drummer of Drive Like Jehu and producer of every pop punk record that you emoted to in the late 90s. For more than two decades, Trombino made his mark on an endless list of indie, pop punk, and post-hardcore bangers, but now he’s left the music world to fulfill his dream of upping the donut ante.


      Fresh Off The Boat: Chengdu – Part 2

      In the second installment of Fresh Off the Boat in Chengdu, we visit the Dead Sea water park, where Eddie hits up the wave pool, refreshes himself with a salt burial, and eats delicate, slightly crunchy baby pig dick.

      Eating on Tour Can Blow, But Thank God for the Food in Copenhagen

      I’ve been touring with bands for the past eight years and I’ve figured out how to find the best food in any given city. To kick off this column, I’m going to do a solid for Timber Timbre, a band that’s playing in Copenhagen tomorrow to provide some advice on where they should eat so that they don’t have to eat a sad gas station meal.

      There’s Blood and Bladders in Your Wine

      Fining—the process of purifying wine of unwanted tannins, sediment, and colors—is often done with the help of some pretty freaky animal products, like blood, fish bladders, and crustacean exoskeletons. Vegetarians, drink up.