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    Daniel Hernández explores the best of Mexico City's small, family-run diners, called fondas.

    WTF Happened to Government Cheese?

    Does anyone remember that cheap dairy by-product that stunk up American kitchens from the late 70s to the early 90s with the stench of stinky gym socks? You know, the stuff the government distributed? Since I’m a dairy fiend, I wanted to figure out what happened so I set out on a knowledge quest to see where all those curds went.

    The Brutal Work of a Bolivian Salt Miner

    Mining is a crucial source of employment for Bolivian men, but the conditions are notorious. Amidst reports of 24-hour days and corrupt bosses in gold and coal mines, only kind words are spoken about the Colchani cooperative who mine and export table salt to Brazil. They also make great alpaca jerky.

    A Glimpse Inside Mexico City’s Classic Fondas, Home of the Original Value Meal

    I was a freelance journalist for a few years chugging my way through odd jobs and writing assignments for poor pay and a safety net of zero. Because of this, I became intimately familiar with the fondas in my neighborhood, the small, family-run diners that dish out affordable prix-fixe lunches; the heart and soul of Mexico City’s home-style cuisine.