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      MSG Kind of High

      After living off of MSG for an entire week, I'll never see food in the same way.

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      Syria Is Starving

      The Syrian crisis has unleashed what aid organizations are describing as the biggest humanitarian catastrophe they have ever seen. With a troublesome combination of drought, starvation tactics from the Syrian regime, and skyrocketing food prices, the survival situation for civilians is the worst it has been since the crisis began.


      How-To: Make Sous Vide Pot Butter

      Everyone knows how to make a basic weed butter. We took New York chef, David Santos of Louro, to Denver, Colorado to show us how to make sous vide pot butter. He then used it to create the best marijuana meal the world has ever seen: perfectly roasted chicken with sautéed wild mushrooms and a pain perdu from the weed—ahem—pan drippings.