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    Andy Milonakis

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    Andy Milonakis started life in a crack-filled apartment complex in the slums of Westchester County. He dropped out of high school back in the AOL days to screw around with computers, and figured out the formula for making viral videos online before YouTube was created. He graduated to the high-life, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel noticing Andy’s homemade video, The Superbowl is Gay. Back in the day, his lifestyle budget wasn't too poppin’—but he learned about great Jamaican food at basement BBQ parties in The Bronx, where he’d DJ reggae music. Post-Kimmel, he started learning about fine dining and $200 omakase sushi. Now, he likes to kick it on both extremes—whether it be $1 tacos from a truck or uni and toro nigiri, he finds both delicious in their own special ways. Aww.