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    Felix Fang

    Host, Sex + Food

    FELIX FANG got her culinary start at a young age when her entrepreneurial parents uprooted their native Taiwan origins to head for greener pastures and open a restaurant on the Big Island of Hawaii. By the time she was at the tender age of eight, she was already learning her way around the kitchen. (She holds dear her memories of being the overweight teenage kitchen taste-tester, food quality inspector, and prep cook.) After college, she gained aspirations for the big screen and set off for smoggy pastures on the Mainland. Felix appeared on the third season of FOX’s MasterChef and made it to the top six of 100 of America’s best home cooks. Since then, she’s become a resident of Los Angeles where she continues to cook and style food (at Katsuya and Popsugar), as well as pursue acting. Now, she's the host of MUNCHIES own original series, Sex + Food.