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    Diners Leave ‘America First’ Note, Say They Won’t Return Because Restaurant Owner Is Mexican

    Some people really just don’t know when to stop. You know, like the high school girl’s basketball team who won a playoff game 108-1, like Vampire Weekend after their first record, or like the Texas restaurant patrons who gave the owner a compliment before telling him they wouldn’t come back because he was Mexican.

    The two embarrassing eaters had lunch at Di Frabo, an Italian restaurant in San Antonio, and were apparently pleased with their $53 lunch of chicken piccata, salmon Florentine and burrata cheese… until they discovered that owner Fernando Franco was born in Mexico, and then, their entire dining experience was RUINED. “The food was tasty and the service was attentive,” they wrote on their receipt. “However the owner is ‘Mexican.’ We will not return. ‘America First.’”

    Image via KXAN video
    Image via KXAN video

    OK, it would be easy to categorize these two as Trump People, but come on, they’re probably Trump People: They used his “America First” slogan, have a negative view of Mexican immigrants, and most importantly, don’t understand how quotation marks work.

    Yes, Franco is a Mexican immigrant, but, as he told News 4 San Antonio, he is in the country legally on an E-2 visa, one that has to be renewed every year. “It’s an investor visa,” Franco told the news outlet. “We never have had any issue because we have had growth [and] we have more businesses now.”

    According to KSAT, Franco has owned the restaurant for a year and a half, and he has been in the United States since 2012. He also owns two restaurants in Mexico.

    Franco says that, yes, he believes the note is a result of the current political climate—and the divisive ideas that seem to be endlessly OK’ed by the new administration—but he says whoever wrote it is welcome to come back any time. “You feel a little bit disappointed,” he said. “A little bit like you don’t know exactly how to react.”

    Although the note was an unnecessary slap in the face (a double slap, since Franco was having lunch with his wife when a manager found it on a nearby table), he’s opting to take the ‘forgive but don’t forget’ approach. He told News 4 that he’ll be keeping it, just to remind himself how far the US still has to go to keep incidents like this from happening. Man, we sure hope he gets to throw it away someday, for all kinds of reasons.

    MUNCHIES has reached out to Di Frabo for comment but has not received a response.

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