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    These Greyhound Jell-O Shots Taste Even Better Than They Look

    We’re inching ever-closer to the weekend, and in the words of Andrew WK, “IT’S TIME TO PAAARTY, LET’S PAAARTY.” But that doesn’t always have to mean thrashing around in white jeans with a nosebleed. Sometimes, partying can be fun AF while also maintaining a semblance of civility.

    Take, for instance, these Greyhound Jell-O shots from Freya Estreller. Yes, they’re Jell-O shots, but they’re sooo legit. No cheap Russian vodka from a plastic jug here, nor neon blue gelatin. They get their pretty, peachy color from pink grapefruit juice, St. Germain, and a touch of Luxardo cherry liqueur; plus, they’ve got a little extra gin, some added sugar for optimal flavor, and a sprinkle of Pop Rocks on top for a weirdly visceral slurping experience.

    Think of it as a fancy cocktail that happens to be spillproof and looks really fucking good on your Instagram, too.

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