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    Craft Beer in Japan

    Host Yuka Uchida explores Tokyo’s booming craft beer scene, from passion fruit-infused lagers to hand-pumped black ales to microbrews served in a refurbished shipping container. Yuka and her pal Ogi sample enough beer to earn the title of beer otaku (beer nerds)!


    Getting to Know Golden

    In the latest episode of Al-Kee-Hol called Getting to Know Golden, presented by Coors Banquet, chef and host Lee Tiernan heads to Golden, Colorado to explore the Coors Banquet Brewery. Between crash-landing a paraglider and ripping down mountains on a dirt bike, Lee tours the brewery and gets a lesson in beer science from the best in the business.


    Exploding Sake For Breakfast

    From a centuries-old brewery to an izakaya with an explosive way of opening sake bottles, host Yuka Uchida experiences the whole spectrum of sake-drinking in the Tokyo. We also find out why sake bombs are only for frat boys and Paris Hilton.