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    Chef’s Night Out: Old Major

    Justin Brunson—self-proclaimed “meat-head” and executive chef and owner of Denver’s Old Major—takes us out in the Mile-High City for a night full of smoked meats, raw oysters, and an excess of bourbon. 

    Joined by Old Major chef Kona Bobek and childhood buddies TJ Golden and Andy Choate, we sidle up to the kitchen-side food bar at Mercantile to sample James Beard award-nominated chef Alex Seidel’s masterful creations, such as the 30-egg tagliatelle with razor clams and shrimp escabeche and brûlée’d bone marrow with short rib jam. Next, the crew heads to the RiNo neighborhood, where Kelly Whitaker’s Cart-Driver serves up oysters and wood-fired pizza out of a shipping container. 

    After a stop at the local industry watering hole Falling Rock Tap House, it’s time to head back to Old Major, where a half-dozen pig heads have been sous-vide’d and are ready for the perfect late-night snack: pig face tacos.

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