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    How-To: Make a Pork Roast Sandwich

    Hosted by Umut Sakarya

    Umut Sakarya is originally from Turkey and the only person in his family who eats pork. He runs the popular Copenhagen restaurant Grisen, a.k.a. “the pig,” where he reinterprets old­ school Danish fast food classics with a touch of refinement.

    Umut is here to show us how to make a flæskestegssandwich, a pork roast sandwich, which has been a staple of hot dog stands across Denmark for decades: Unctuous slices of roasted and grilled pork neck are nestled in a soft bun with crispy cracklings, pickled cucumbers, red cabbage, and a spicy mayonnaise.

    And all this time you thought Nordic cuisine was all about beach herbs and fermented carrots…

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