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    Chef’s Night Out: Bestia

    Bestia, the word “beast” in Italian, is the name of the restaurant featured in our latest episode of Munchies. It’s owned and operated by the biggest promoters of PDA since Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie, Ori and Genevieve, who at the time of filming were expecting their first child.

    They’re in charge of savory and sweet, respectively, for their Italian food, which is also heavily influenced by Ori’s Israeli background. Our night started out at Craig Thornton’s supper club, Wolvesmouth, then moved on to local watering hole Tony’s. Since Genevieve was with child and couldn’t participate in imbibing, she demanded to order three slices of pepperoni pizza from Pizzanista, which—in our eyes—is a great compromise. Once we got back to Bestia, Ori cooked up his dad’s falafel recipe while Genevieve made what is quite possibly the best caramel popcorn we have ever seen, the snack she considers a pregnant woman’s dream.

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