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    The MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca – Trailer

    Watch the trailer for our MUNCHIES Guide to Oaxaca, wherein VICE Mexico editor, Daniel Hernández, takes us on a journey through the culinary paradise that is the state in southern Mexico. In Oaxaca City, Daniel learns how to properly kiss—not drink—mezcal. In the town of San Jose del Pacífico, he tries out the local specialty, hallucinogenic mushrooms. Later, he dives into armadillo, iguana, and sea turtle eggs with a cook who is muxe, Oaxaca’s third gender, and on the glistening Pacific coast, Daniel accompanies skilled freestyle divers who fish for oysters and lobsters with nothing but picks and spears.

    This five-part series will land on MUNCHIES.TV in a few weeks. Follow @munchies for updates.

    You can read Daniel’s article about cooking with muxes here

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