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    The Pizza Show: Special Slice

    Hosted by Frank Pinello

    All slices of pizza are special, but some are more special than others. This episode of The Pizza Show is dedicated to three of the most special slices around: the Grandma, the Jersey Bar Pie, and the Cold Cheese slice.

    First, we have the Grandma—or nonna—pizza, as it is affectionately know throughout many pizzerias. This is a thinner, crispier version of what most people know as a Sicilian or square slice. Our second pizza isn’t necessarily a slice, but is definitely something special: the Jersey Bar Pie. As you guessed by the name, it’s a pizza served in bars across the great state of New Jersey, known for being paper-thin with no discernible crust. And last but not least, we have the slice made for drunk college kids who can’t eat their pizza fast enough: the Cold Cheese slice. Invented in Oneonta, NY, this slice not only has a special flavor profile, but is engineered to save the roof of one’s mouth.

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