Middle Eastern cuisine

A Love Letter to Dolma, a Middle Eastern Parcel of Joy

Arabs, Greeks, Turks, Azerbaijanis—all are united by their love of dolma, the centuries-old dish of stuffed grape vine leaves.
Dalia Dawood
5 hours ago

Chef Nikki Tran's Viet-Texan Cuisine Reflects the Breadth of Vietnamese Food

“I never learned how to make traditional Vietnamese food, so I thought I would do something different—that way nobody could say if it was right or wrong.”
Diana Hubbell
6 hours ago

Easy Red Chili Recipe

No beans, the way a good chili should be.
Amanda Catrini
8 hours ago

The UK’s First Vegan Cheese Shop Isn’t Afraid of Controversy

Sisters Rachel and Charlotte Stevens opened La Fauxmagerie in South London earlier this month, and some areas of the British dairy industry are already riled.
Phoebe Hurst
11 hours ago

Cheesy Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Will Make You the Hero of Homemade Breakfast

The secret, according to chef Jaime Young of Sunday in Brooklyn, is lots of butter.
Munchies Staff
a day ago

Miso Caesar Salad Recipe

Does anyone really need another Caesar salad recipe? Yes, you do.
Farideh Sadeghin
a day ago

Chicken Cordon Green Recipe

We call it "green" because it's stuffed with broccoli, as well as cheese and some mustard.
Farideh Sadeghin
2 days ago

London’s Desi Pubs Are a Proud British-Indian Tradition

A fixture of the communities where migrants have settled, South Asian-owned pubs offer tandoori grills and homemade roti alongside draught ale and darts.
Ciaran Thapar
2 days ago

Artisan Butcher Heat Laliberte Has Made It Through Hell and Back

“I’m trans and I’m First Nations. Statistically, I should be dead. It makes me sad.”
Matthew Murtagh-Wu
2 days ago

How to Build a Socially Conscious and Profitable Food Business

In an outtake from "Hustle," Wen-Jay Ying of Local Roots gets tips on how to build a profitable food business that still makes an impact.
2 days ago
The Cooking Show

Stuffed Shells with Farideh - The Cooking Show

MUNCHIES culinary director Farideh walks us through how to make an Italian classic: stuffed shells.

Creamy Cobb Salad Recipe

Okay okay salad, now let's get in formation.
Amanda Catrini