What It’s Like to Run a Dairy Farm When No One Drinks Milk Anymore

As milk sales decline and dairy-free diets become more popular, what does the future look like for Britain’s dairies?
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
2 hours ago
Recognise Me

Respond to the Gender Recognition Act Consultation

The consultation closes at 11 PM tonight, so now is your last chance.
Munchies Staff
3 hours ago

Did Anyone Really, Genuinely, Seriously Care that the Bagel Emoji Was Bad?

Or are we all screaming into the void?
Hannah Keyser
19 hours ago

Radicchio and Summer Tomato Salad Recipe

Salads are great, but a salad with cheese laced throughout it is best.
Aaron Crowder
Nick Perkins
19 hours ago

British Supermarket Chain to Rename ‘Sexist’ Sandwich After Customers Complain

The sandwich contains a condiment similar to Gentleman's Relish.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
20 hours ago
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17 Sweet Potato Recipes That Might Pass for 'Healthy'

Sure, there might be marshmallows on top, but it's what's underneath that counts.
Munchies Staff
a day ago

Trendy Coffee Shops Are Ripping Off Millions of Dollars from Indie Musicians

Attention, baristas: Blasting your 'Psychedelic Wednesday' playlist over your cafe's speakers is actually lowkey ripping off your favorite bands.
Jelisa Castrodale
a day ago
Dirty Work

Here's How to Make Toast Sick as Fuck

Lessons from the chefs of Hart's and Cervo's.
Danielle Wayda
a day ago
Middle Eastern food

A Sugar-Saturated Guide to Middle Eastern Sweets

After Great British Bake Off contestants were left confused by a recipe for ma’amoul, I headed to London bakery Patisserie Patchi to sample some of their most popular Arabic desserts.
Dalia Dawood
2 days ago
internet culture

Inside the 15,000-Person Online Community Obsessed with Jell-O

“It’s just sort of amazing to see all the different ways people are using it—there’s people slapping and spanking gelatin and it’s wobbly.”
Melanie Woods
2 days ago
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18 Apple Recipes Because You Thought Apple Picking Would Be "So Fun"

You picked this apple bed, and now you have to lie in it.
Munchies Staff
2 days ago
food safety

This Book Reveals the Truth About All of Our Grossest Food Habits

From double-dipping to beer pong hygiene, Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon are exploring the nastiest questions of food science.
Lauren Rothman
2 days ago