Apparently David Cameron Won’t Eat Toast Without the Crusts Cut Off

Worried they’ll make your hair go curly, David?

Type "David Cameron cuts" into Google and you'd expect the search results to bring up news stories on welfare and tax credits. But this week, the former Prime Minister hit the headlines for another kind of controversial cut.

In short, refusing to eat toast without the crusts cut off.

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And not only does Cameron apparently have the breakfast habits of a fussy child with a fear of curly hair, he makes someone else remove his crusts for him.

At least, that's according Conservative MP Jake Berry, who made these claims of crust-avoidance in an interview on Radio 5 live yesterday. Berry said that he found out about Cameron's toast preferences when he accidentally ate the former PM's specially prepared toast on a party away day.

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Berry explained to the radio station: "[Cameron] said, 'You've eaten my toast,' and I said, 'There is more toast available,' and he said, 'But I'd had the crusts cut off for me.'"

Perhaps David is worried those nasty crusts will make his hair go curly.