This Cafe Charges You Less for Food If It’s Cold Outside

The worse the weather, the less you pay at Chicago cafe Mather's.

Winter's bleakest days are upon us. With no twinkly Christmas lights or mugs of steaming mulled wine to distract from the plummeting temperatures, it's the season for sending passive-aggressive emails about office heating and ditching evening plans for hot carbs and Netflix.

With this in mind, one cafe in Chicago is attempting to make the winter chill slightly more bearable. How exactly? They're altering the price of dishes on their menu according to the temperature outside. The colder it is, the less you'll pay. If it falls below freezing, you could end up getting paid to eat.

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Mather's—More Than a Cafe, which has three locations around the city, announced last week that throughout January and February, when customers buy a bowl of homemade soup, the price will be determined by the day's temperature.

Soup at the cafe usually costs $2.99, but during these months, customers will pay for as many cents as there are degrees on the thermometer, plus tax. If it's 38 degrees Fahrenheit out for example, they'll be charged 42 cents for soup. And if the weather dips below zero, they can have lunch with some pennies on the side.

The community cafe told website dnainfo that people had been coming especially for the weather-dependant deal. Jeff Rose, one of the managers, said: "A lot of folks appreciate it and seek us out for it. And they're grateful for a delicious bowl of warm soup, especially on cold days."

It beats a Boots meal deal any day.