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    You Don’t Need Any Turtles to Make This Turtle Soup

    Unless you happen to be a reincarnated 18th century socialite or grew up in a Louisiana backwater, you’ve probably never had the pleasure of eating turtle soup. Luckily, we here at MUNCHIES are here to remedy this gross injustice with a recipe for some easy to make turtle soup that will leave you believing you just went back in time—or to the bayou. Take your pick.

    And even if you don’t happen to have ready access to an unguarded turtle sanctuary or can’t find any turtle meat at your local butcher, you can still make yourself some killer turtle soup and simply swap in veal. Plenty of vegetables, veal stock, and sherry make for a delicious soup, no matter the protein.

    RECIPE: Turtle Soup

    But try to get turtle and do it right. It’s like they always say: Turtle soup is the best soup you’ve never tried.

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