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Dia de los Muertos

I Ate My Way through Oaxaca with Instagram Legend Oaxacking

When I ask Omar Alonso his favorite thing about Día de los Muertos, the answer is easy: the food.
Dan Gentile

Will Coffee Survive Climate Change? We Traveled to the World’s Highest Farm to Find Out

"Unlike a human, a coffee plant cannot walk away from where it is. As a tree, it bears the brunt of the changing conditions over its lifespan.”
Dan Gentile

Is Wagyu Beef Really Worth It?

I sat down with the self-proclaimed head of Japan's 'Wagyumafia' to find out.
Dan Gentile
Craft Beer

Some of the World's Best Craft Beers Are Hidden on a Tiny Thai Island

The island of Koh Tao is a destination for beachgoers, but it's also the unlikely home of The Beer Masons, a bar that features brews not often found in Southeast Asia, including Denmark’s Mikkeller and To Øl.
Dan Gentile

Breaking Down Bluefin: The Sustainability and Spectacle of Tuna Butchering

Austin's Otoko restaurant invited a crowd to watch their chef butcher a whole tuna. We saw, we ate, we wondered if we should feel guilty.
Dan Gentile

Thailand's New Generation of Coffee Producers Is Going Farm-to-Cup

Coffee is a relatively young industry in Thailand, but its lack of a strong export market means the small and scrappy industry is fueled by a high domestic demand for premium beans.
Dan Gentile

Edible Weeds Are the New Edible Flowers

The heirloom tomatoes at HausBar Farms are delicious, but the main draw for Austin's most forward-thinking chefs are the tasty weeds that would be discarded anywhere else.
Dan Gentile

Being a Barista Isn't a Dead-End Job, According to the US Barista Champion

“A lot of my old professors were saying, 'This is what you're doing with your degree?’” says Lem Butler, who became the US Barista Champion in 2008.
Dan Gentile