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pancake day

I Ate a Chicken Curry Pancake So You Don’t Have To

This Lent—in fact, for every Lent from now on—I shall be giving up chicken curry pancakes completely. I hope to atone for my sins and live as an inspiration to you all.
Nell Frizzell

Celebrations, Roses, Quality Street, or Miniature Heroes? I Ate Every Chocolate in Four Selection Tins

I did it for you, dear reader. I did it for Christmas.
Nell Frizzell
Pub food

Reviewing the New Wetherspoons Menu with the Guy Who Writes the Wetherspoons Magazine

PSA: Spoons now does smashed avocado.
Nell Frizzell
Fast Food Week

What Happened When I Went ‘Behind the Scenes’ at KFC

The fast food chain recently launched an “Open Kitchen” night at 100 of its UK branches. As someone who believes in the welfare of farm animals and casual workers, I was keen to go along.
Nell Frizzell

Food Banks, Farming, and Chips: How Eating Shaped the Election

As Britain prepares to go to the polls, we look at how issues of food poverty, agriculture, and that Theresa May chip photo impacted the campaign trail.
Nell Frizzell
Mother's Day

How to Take Your Mum for Dinner on Mother's Day

Pick a restaurant she’ll like, don’t judge when she asks for extra Parmesan on her fish, and always, always offer to pay.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn: Cream Puffs and Caviar

The best #foodporn uploaded to Instagram this week.
Nell Frizzell

Guinness Original, Guinness Foreign Extra, Jamaican Dragon Stout: Which Guinness Tastes the Best?

I sampled the many incarnations of Ireland’s best-loved stout to find out which one we should be raising a glass of this St. Patrick's Day.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn: Carrot Carving and Cinnamon Crackers

Feast your eyes on the best of edible Instagram this week.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn: Vegan Doughnuts and Fried Chicken

Take a greasy fingered scroll through the best food photos uploaded to Instagram this week.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn: Kebabs and Crinkle Cut Chips

Here are some of the greatest food pics uploaded to our big joint floppy disc we call The Internet this week.
Nell Frizzell

A Romantic Date at Cafe Football, Gary Neville’s Football-Themed Restaurant

I treated my boyfriend to a full three-course meal on Valentine’s Day at Cafe Football, surrounded by single men wearing headphones and pizza-chewing children in West Ham shirts.
Nell Frizzell