animal welfare


Farm Gets Death Threats Over 'Choose Your Own Christmas Turkey' Promotion

“We will put a name tag on it and you come and feed it and help look after it for the next 2 months," wrote Greendale Farm Shop in the fateful Facebook post.
Jelisa Castrodale

There's Something Suspicious About This Lifetime-Supply-of-Bacon Contest

Bacon is the best way into a lot of people's hearts, but is it also the best way to distract from abuse allegations and legal trouble?
Lauren Rothman

Maine Rejects PETA's Request to Erect a Huge Tombstone to Memorialise Dead Lobsters

The five-foot-tall grave would have been engraved with the phrase "In Memory of the Lobsters Who Suffered and Died at This Spot."
Jelisa Castrodale

Butchers Say They Fear for Their Lives After Being Threatened, Harassed By Vegans

A British butcher shop is facing vandalism and bomb threats for, uh, existing. And they're not the only ones.
Jelisa Castrodale
food politics

This Ice Cream Truck's Sole Purpose Is to Troll the Shit Out of Trump's Bad Food Policies

Who wants a double scoop of Confined-Cow Chocolate?
Lauren Rothman

Veganism Is Growing in Japan, But Followers Say It Isn't Always Easy

How do you create a vegan movement in a country raised on broth made from pork bones?
Rachel Krantz

Restaurant Owner Notices Fish Is Still Alive, Releases It Back into Ocean

"I've never seen a fish so tenaciously attached to life," Braghieri said.
Jelisa Castrodale
animal welfare

Switzerland Has Made It Illegal to Boil Lobsters Alive

As of March 1, lobsters will have to be 'stunned' before being cooked.
Nick Rose
Fast Food Week

What Happened When I Went ‘Behind the Scenes’ at KFC

The fast food chain recently launched an “Open Kitchen” night at 100 of its UK branches. As someone who believes in the welfare of farm animals and casual workers, I was keen to go along.
Nell Frizzell

Animal Rights Protesters 'Liberate' Tilapia from Florida Man Fishing with Family

The activists said that if the fish had been a dog or a cat, they would have been hailed as heroes.
Jelisa Castrodale
animal welfare

Chickens Are Being Genetically Engineered to Suffer Less

Big chains like Wendy's are rethinking and re-shaping chicken.
Nick Rose
animal welfare

Obama’s Organic Ruling Will Greatly Improve the Welfare of Farm Animals

The ASPCA says: “This historic move by the USDA marks the first comprehensive set of regulations governing the on-farm treatment of animals ever issued by the federal government."
Alex Swerdloff