Recognise Me

Perfect Is Boring: What It’s Like to Be Trans in the Restaurant Industry

With threats of customer harassment and misogynist kitchen culture, hospitality can be tough on its trans and non-binary employees.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Indian Food

How I Brought Modern Indian Food to Bristol

Romy Gill arrived in the UK in 1994 with “a suitcase full of fragrant memories” and the idea to open a restaurant serving dishes inspired by her childhood in West Bengal.
Romy Gill

Inside the Burger Restaurant Where Hank Williams Uttered His Last Words

Country music legend has it that Hank Williams died outside of—or shortly after leaving—the Burger Bar in Bristol, Virginia. And ever since then, the restaurant has capitalized on the hazy story surrounding Williams' fatal overdose.
VICE Staff
African food

How Our East African Supper Club Helps Fight Prejudice

My heritage is challenged on a daily basis and food is one very peaceful way of fighting back.
Fozia Ismail and Edwina Bruford

How Did Brighton Become a Vegetarian Food Hub?

From high-end meat-free restaurants to vegan kebabs sold in pubs, Brighton has more plant-based eateries per capita than Manchester or London. But how did it become such a vegetarian mecca?
David Hillier

Sail-Powered Rum Will Help Us During the Zombie Apocalypse

When zombies are busy eating your friends, and zero fuel is left on the planet, there's only one way to get your mitts on food and booze in the apocalypse. Luckily, one company is already spearheading a green transportation revolution the old-fashioned...
Gareth May