Filipino food

The Supper Club That's Spreading the Good Word of British Filipino Food

“We want to create an identity for Filipino cuisine in London, drawing inspiration from the rich flavours and culinary techniques of the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines.”
Angela Hui
West African food

How a New Generation Is Building on Britain's Long History of West African Food

And why there’s so much more to explore, from Nigerian egusi soup and Ghanaian kelewele to Senegalese thieboudienne.
Riaz Phillips

This Chip Shop in Yorkshire Has Become Weirdly Popular with Chinese Tourists

To accommodate its new clientele, Scotts Fish and Chips has translated the menu into Mandarin.
Lucy Arup

Cheesy Dumplings Are English-Asian Fusion Done Right

When Radhika Mohendas and Jollyon Carter started a food stall selling East Asian dumplings in the small Dorset town of Bridport, they knew they’d have to get creative with ingredients.
Radhika Mohendas
british food

Pub Food Taught Me What It Means to Be a Syrian Brit

I learned soon after moving to London from Syria that the pub is central to British life. One of my biggest surprises was to see that people took their children to pubs.
Hala Hamadi

Daily Mail Readers Have ‘Never Heard of’ Halloumi, Apparently

“This must be a London thing.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Caribbean food

The Windrush Generation Is Still Inspiring Today’s British Caribbean Chefs

“Our mum and grandma taught us the process of how to make the food, prepare it, marinate it overnight, and how to blend different spices and flavours together to compliment each dish.”
Carly Lewis-Oduntan
british food

British Food Wouldn’t Be the Same without the Windrush Generation

Early Caribbean migrants helped rebuild Post-War Britain’s healthcare and transport systems, but they also revolutionised its food scene. Now, this pioneering generation faces deportation due to newly tightened immigration policy.
Riaz Phillips

The Problem with Takeaways

There are nearly 60,000 takeaways in Britain, and most of us eat fast food on average two days per week. What impact is this having on our health?
Phoebe Hurst

Costa Coffee Is Britain's Most Mediocre Cafe. Why Is it So Popular?

I spent a week drinking very milky flat whites to try and find out.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Jamaican food

How Jamaican Patties Became a Beloved British Snack

The meat and vegetable-filled pastry parcels have travelled from Jamaica to the home kitchens of Britain’s first Caribbean migrants, and now the shelves of major UK supermarkets.
Carly Lewis-Oduntan
british food

All Your Favourite British Food Brands Are Moving Abroad

Last week, Unilever announced that it was closing the 160-year-old Colman’s Mustard factory in Norwich. Like Twinings tea and HP Sauce before it, this proudly “British” brand will now be manufactured abroad.
Wedaeli Chibelushi