Controversial 'Pablo's Escoburgers' Pop-Up Serves Burgers Topped with Fake Cocaine

"You can clearly see the difference between the people who have tried our delicious burgers and the Colombians who just don’t like the name."
Jelisa Castrodale

North London's Beloved Latinx Market Is Under Threat From Gentrification

Tottenham’s Latin Village is at risk of being turned into flats—but the local Latin American community is fighting back.
Riaz Phillips
Natural High

I Tried to Get High at a 'Cacao Dance'

The power of cacao doesn’t flow through everyone.
Katinka Oppeck

Inside the Fine Dining Restaurant Housed in a Colombian Prison

Restaurante Interno at San Diego District Jail in Cartagena provides female inmates with the skills and experience needed to secure a job when they are released.
Naomi Larsson

Meet the Women Building Colombia's Female-Led Resistance Through Food

“It’s a cycle. We get help, then we help others. That’s how things can change—and one of these changes is me.”
Laurence Cornet

Inside the Colombian Kitchen That's Making Rebels and Soldiers into Chefs

Former FARC guerrillas work right alongside demobilised Colombian army soldiers in the kitchens of Juan Manuel Barrientos' acclaimed restaurants.
Laura Dixon

Colombia Is Finally Starting to Drink Its Own Coffee

Colombia produces some of the best coffee in the world but almost all of the good stuff gets exported. Only recently have Columbians had the means to enjoy coffee made with high quality, homegrown beans.
Clare Wiley
hangover cure

The Hangover-Curing Soup That Brings Colombia's Drunks Back from the Dead

The Saturday before Halloween, Bogotá's El Caldo Parao is rammed with costumed revelers who have all come for one thing: a beef rib soup that's been soothing hangovers for 25 years.
Joe Parkin Daniels

Why I'm Willing to Risk My Life to Make Sure You're Drinking Good Coffee

I was recently a judge for the Cup of Excellence competition in Rwanda when the country was falling into a civil war. A military coup was happening and there were tanks on the street. We heard an automatic rifle and one of the president's cousins was...
Jeff Chean

If Fruit Heaven Exists, It's in Colombia

Colombia provides an environment conducive to growing any fruit you can imagine, from sweet to sour to savory. Adventurous travelers quickly find their diets full of diverse flavors and their stool full of fiber in this gastronomic and gastrointestinal...
Aaron Kase

How Coca Leaf Became Colombia’s New Superfood

At the Embajada de la Coca, the green leaf is being restored to its rightful place as a powerful medicinal plant and super-nutrient that should be revered instead of reviled.
Ocean Malandra

A Whirlwind Tour of the World's MREs

The rather clumsily named Meal, Ready-to-Eat is as varied as a whirlwind tour of the planet—with every nation employing its very worst chefs to come up with country-specific ways to punish those who would give their lives in the name of the flag.
David Whelan