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Food insecurity

Speaking to the Families at the Centre of Britain's Hunger Crisis

“I can't adequately describe how soul-destroying it just to fall and fall and know that there is no chance that you're going to get out of it.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
food banks

Outrage Ensues After Tory MPs Cheerfully Pose for Photos at Food Banks

“Your party's policies have caused the need for food banks in the first place.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Food insecurity

Why Some Have No Choice But to Start Buying Christmas Food in October

For those on low incomes or in unstable employment, buying a mountain of food for the Christmas break in one December shop simply isn’t an option.
Carly Lewis-Oduntan
food poverty

Tinned Vegetables and Mince Pies: Preparing for Christmas at the UK’s Busiest Food Bank

The Queens Road Baptist Church food bank in Coventry hands out up to 1,800 emergency food supplies in the weeks before Christmas.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Food Banks, Farming, and Chips: How Eating Shaped the Election

As Britain prepares to go to the polls, we look at how issues of food poverty, agriculture, and that Theresa May chip photo impacted the campaign trail.
Nell Frizzell
food banks

This Photographer Documents the People Who Visit London's Food Banks

"Some of them wanted to talk about the injustice that had been happening to them. They're all aware that it happens a lot. They feel like it's not right."
Munchies Staff
food poverty

One in Four Low Income British Families Lack Access to Healthy Food

The Food Standards Agency’s latest consumer survey shows that poor families are struggling to eat healthy, regular meals.
Daisy Meager
food poverty

Study Confirms the Link Between Benefit Cuts and Increased Food Bank Use

New research from Oxford University on the causes of food bank use has found a link between the suspension of benefit payouts and referrals for emergency food supplies.
Daisy Meager

How the Neo-Nazi Movement Is Using Food Banks to Spread Its Message

With the advent of a "whites only" food bank in Scotland, far-right and nationalist groups in Europe are using claims of charity to manipulate their community presence.
Alex Swerdloff
food poverty

Nearly Half of UK Families Cut Back On Food to Afford Rent

A survey carried out by YouGov and housing charity Shelter shows that 3.7 million UK families are under pressure to save money on essentials like food to be able to stay in their homes.
Daisy Meager
food waste

This Town Is Fighting Food Waste with a Huge Communal Fridge

In the Somerset town of Frome, perishable food donations from local businesses and households are delivered to a “community fridge”—and anyone can help themselves.
Daisy Meager
food banks

Nearly 1.5 Million Parents Will Skip Meals This Summer So Their Kids Can Eat

Figures released last week from UK food bank charity Trussell Trust show that for many families, not being able to rely on free school lunches means going without during the long summer holiday.
Daisy Meager