food waste


‘Smart Labels’ of the Future Can Tell Us When to Throw Out Food

No more smell test? Sounds good to us.
Nick Rose
food waste

This Startup Turns Beer Waste into Fancy Vegan Smoothies

Wasting beer is not cool—but maybe beer waste is.
Becky Hughes

Scotland Just Fuelled a Car with Whisky, Because of Course

At least we'll know who to thank when we can say "No, Officer, I'm not drinking—but my car is."
Jelisa Castrodale
food history

An Edible History of Refrigeration

As part of an exhibition on electricity at the Wellcome Collection museum in London, food designers Josh Pollen and Mike Knowlden have created a five-course meal charting how our ability to keep food cool has changed the way we eat.
Daisy Meager

This Pizza Was Made Out of Beer, and It's Actually Pretty Healthy

Now you can drink your beer and eat it, too.
Alex Swerdloff
food waste

Meet the Food Waste Entrepreneur Turning Unwanted Vegetables into Hummus

London-based Hannah McCollum buys up misshapen and off-coloured carrots, herbs, beetroot and turns them into dips, which she plans to market and sell.
Johanna Derry

Food Banks, Farming, and Chips: How Eating Shaped the Election

As Britain prepares to go to the polls, we look at how issues of food poverty, agriculture, and that Theresa May chip photo impacted the campaign trail.
Nell Frizzell

Brits Don't Know How to Cook These Basic Recipes

A new survey from the Jamie Oliver Food foundation reveals that many struggle to make spaghetti, curry, and other simple home-cooked dishes.
Daisy Meager
food waste

Britain Throws a Terrifying Amount of Salad Away Each Year

New figures from waste advisory body WRAP reveal that 40 percent of the bagged salad bought in the UK every year ends up being chucked.
Phoebe Hurst

Brits Are Too Embarrassed to Ask for Tap Water in Restaurants

And it’s creating a huge plastic bottle waste problem, warns a new report from environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.
Phoebe Hurst

One Night a Week, This London Thai Restaurant Only Serves Offal

Smoking Goat’s weekly “Offal Monday” menu saves underused cuts of meat from the bin by turning them into delicious curry.
Daisy Meager
food waste

A New Club Is Using Food Waste to Generate Energy

And yes, there's a 3D printer that will turn your recycled waste into a phone case or furniture.
Marlou Kusters