Saigon's Food Scene Is Being Transformed by the Returning Vietnamese Diaspora

Vietnamese expats, known as Viet Kieu, are returning to the city in droves—which has been great news for its food scene.
Dan Q. Dao

French Immigration Officials Plan to Deport a Beloved Japanese Winemaking Couple

A petition calling for the makers of Pedres Blanques to be allowed to stay has gathered more than 51,000 signatures.
Lauren Rothman
South Asian food

How This Town Became a South Asian Sweet Shop Paradise

Bradford’s first mithai shop was opened in 1964 by Abdul Rehman, a Pakistani migrant working in the city's textiles mills. Other shops soon followed and today, Bradford is a sugary haven of laddu and gulab jamun.
Aina Khan
british food

British Food Wouldn’t Be the Same without the Windrush Generation

Early Caribbean migrants helped rebuild Post-War Britain’s healthcare and transport systems, but they also revolutionised its food scene. Now, this pioneering generation faces deportation due to newly tightened immigration policy.
Riaz Phillips

How an Afghan Refugee is Changing Venice's Restaurant Landscape

Hamed Ahmadi now has five restaurants in northeastern Italy's Veneto region and has helped employ many young refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
Marco De Vidi
In the Belly of America

This Bar Is a 60s Americana Oasis on the Mexican Border

Inside Polite Provisions, an only-in-America kind of place.
Ivy Knight

Meet the Man Bringing Russian Cuisine to Mexico

Pollo a la Kiev and Oaxaca cheese pirozhki are just the start.
Fernanda Ballesteros

This Guy is Raising Money to Send His Mother to Culinary School

Like many African immigrant mothers in the UK, Elnete Da Silva never had the opportunity to study for a professional qualification. Until now.
Bridget Minamore

Once a Month, the Sous Chefs Take Over This London Restaurant

“We have around 65 staff who represent about 15 nationalities. Let’s celebrate that,” says Bruno Loubet, chef-owner of Grain Store, ahead of the latest dinner in a supper club series that showcases the restaurant staffs’ diversity.
Daisy Meager

Smuggling Food Through the Airport Can Be Harder Than Smuggling Cocaine

"My own father was once caught at the border with a suitcase full of stuffed pigeons."
Bo Hanna

Home Secretary Says Pret Must Stop Relying on European Staff

In a BBC interview, Amber Rudd said that the cafe chain should hire more British workers to fill staff shortages following Brexit.
Daisy Meager
food in prison

Immigrant Detainees Are Staging a Hunger Strike in Washington

The detainees, many of them facing deportation, claim that the food at Northwest Detention Center is meager and nearly inedible.
Tom Perkins