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MUNCHIES: The Podcast: A Love Letter to LA from Best Coast and Lili Hayes

No one is prouder to eat and live in LA than Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast​.
Munchies Staff
Vietnamese Food

Why Great Pho Broth Starts At 4 AM

Cooks at LA's Nong Lá start prepping the beefy broth well before dawn breaks. But in an industry already struggling to keep line cooks, finding someone to come in before sunrise is particularly tough.
Natalie B. Compton
Bong Appetit

How to Hotbox a Tandoor

This deleted scene from 'Bong Appetit' proves that it's harder than it looks.
Munchies Staff

Helping a Chef Do Taco Research Might Kill You

I joined the team behind LA's Chicas Tacos on a trip to Mexico and came close to a delicious death by food and booze.
Natalie B. Compton

LA’s Best New Sandwich Isn’t Even A Sandwich

Josef Centeno's BäcoShop is turning out naan-like flatbreads stuffed with farm-fresh meats and vegetables.
Natalie B. Compton

Inside the Hidden LA Bar That's Serving a Multi-Course Cocktail Menu

The omakase-style cocktail program at The Walker Inn isn't about blacking out—it's about appreciating spirits, one drink after the next.
Natalie B. Compton

This Sommelier Wants to Demystify the World of Sake

The last thing you want to do at an izakaya is fuck up your drink order, so it's time to learn your junmais from your daiginjos.
Natalie B. Compton

How to Eat Poisonous Fugu Fish Without Accidentally Killing Yourself

Spoiler: Have a master Japanese chef prepare it for you.
Natalie B. Compton
how to

How to Make Coconut Milk from Scratch

We asked Louis Tikaram of LA's EP & LP to show us how to turn a fresh coconut into luscious milk.
Munchies Staff
korean food

Korean Soondae Gets Some Bloody Respect at This LA Institution

A temple to Korean blood sausage, Eighth Street Soondae sits in a tiny strip mall just on the outskirts of LA's Koreatown, next to a barbershop and an incognito marijuana dispensary.
Jean Trinh

How This Pastry Chef Is Reinventing Asian Desserts

Zen Ong of E.P. & L.P. in LA isn't interested in serving the lychee sorbets, tropical fruit tarts, and matcha cheesecakes so often found on modern Asian restaurant menus.
Hillary Eaton

What Celebrities Finally Got to Eat After the Oscars' Best Picture Fiasco

When La La Land won, then Moonlight won, the kitchen crew stared in shock. “What the fuck,” said Wolfgang Puck, who had orchestrated a decadent meal for 1,600 people at the Oscars' official afterparty.
Natalie B. Compton