Why the Best Thai Fried Chicken Comes with Bread

The flavour of this tiny Portland restaurant's glorious, rice flour-battered fried chicken is maximised with a thick, sweet, and salty coconut curry dipping sauce.
Javier Cabral

How This Chef Made People Go Crazy for 'Herring Under a Fur Coat'

At her restaurant in Portland, Oregon, Kachka, this Belarusian-American chef is using this dish to prove how delicious the cuisines of the former Soviet Republic can be.
Javier Cabral

Tips to Help You Quit Your Day Job and Start a Small Food Business

In short, be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.
Javier Cabral

Why American Single-Malt Whiskey Is the Ultimate Blank Canvas

American single-malt whiskey made by craft distillers could revolutionise distilling the same way craft beers changed the face of brewing.
Brad Cohen

This School-Turned-Restaurant Is Haunted By an Undead Boy

I had just started the job when two women came running down the hallway pale in the face. They ran out of the building and never came back because of what they saw.
Cynthia Major

Bong Appetit: Dab Comedy Jam

The Pacific Northwest’s king of concentrates, Ganja Jon, plays host to Abdullah during his visit to Portland on this dab-tastic episode of Bong Appetit.
Abdullah Saeed

This Is the Secret to Making a Great Paella

However you choose to make or eat your paella—straight from the pan with a spoon is the original Spanish way—just make sure to remember that paella means family, sitting down around a table, and having a good time.
José Chesa

Lattes and Leather Whips at Portland's New BDSM-Themed Coffee Shop

Although it might seem unusual to order a sex coach at a coffee shop, you’ll be in good hands at the Moonfyre Café, where Portland’s BDSM scene finally has a place to call home.
Jack Rushall

Inside Portland’s First Hipster-Themed Convenience Store

Visitors to Mini Mart can drink on-tap kombucha and craft beer, and pick up packs of American Spirit cigarettes in cool, detached style.
Jack Rushall

This Doughnut Shop Is Refusing To Employ Vegans and Vegetarians

Pip’s Original in Portland felt the wrath of the internet last week after stipulating in a job description that applicants for its shop assistant role need not apply if they are vegan or vegetarian.
Daisy Meager
Bong Appetit

The Real 'Penny Lane' Has Moved From Sowing Oats to Farming Wild Rice

Decades after retiring from professionally partying with famous rockstars, 'Penny Lane' maintains a Sauvie Island farm inherited from her parents, where her new passion is wild rice.
David Bienenstock
Craft Beer

How Portland’s Kilt-Wearing, Unicycle-Riding Darth Vader Impersonator Inspired His Own Beers

Brian Kidd—a.k.a. the Unipiper—has partnered with Portland's Rogue Ales and Green Dragon Brewing to bring create his very own limited-edition beer.
Jack Rushall