We Spoke to the Woman Who Built a Massive Sculpture in Honour of Fried Chicken

Could this be KFC’s number one fan?
Daisy Meager
Caribbean cooking

This Photographer Is Documenting Britain’s Hidden Caribbean Food History

Riaz Phillips has spent the last year spent travelling around England, armed with a notepad and a camera, visiting Caribbean bakeries, takeaways, and cafes to document the food and people behind them.
Daisy Meager
future of food

Why Bee-Friendly Cities Are the Key to World Food Security

According to community ecologist Dr. Mick Hanley, “biodiversity needs to be incorporated into urban planning in a much more strategic way than has been done so far.”
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Wine fraud

How One Guy Managed to Con the Entire Wine Industry Out of Millions

We spoke to the co-director of Sour Grapes, a new documentary about Rudy Kurniawan, the conman who duped the wine world with his fake bottles.
Daisy Meager

We Spoke to the Guy Behind the Viral Facebook Group That Rates Meal Deals

Theo Edwards started Meal Deal Talk for his mates to rate his Boots lunch. It now has over 100,000 members who post photos and score each others’ sandwich, drink, and crisp combinations out of ten.
Daisy Meager
food industry

We Spoke to the ‘Angry Chef’ Taking on the Wellness Bloggers

The chef behind Angry Chef, the hit Twitter account aiming to expose the “lies, pretensions, and stupidity in the world of food” tells us why people should eat ready meals without shame.
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