A Look Inside the Bar Inspired by Trump's Penthouse

“When you walk in, it hits you quite hard. You draw attention to how outrageous he is and how much money he has—and he’s the President of the United States.”
Phoebe Hurst
food safety

Will Brexit and Trump Really Force Us to Eat Chlorine-Washed Chicken?

There are fears that a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and US would result in previously banned American food products—including chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-pumped beef—landing on British plates.
Daisy Meager

Chinese Fortune Cookies Aren’t Actually Chinese

But they do reveal a lot about the history of Chinese food in America. Pretty impressive for a tasteless biscuit.
Barclay Bram

This Mexican Brewery Tricked Donald Trump Supporters into Funding a Fiesta

Mexican craft brewery Cucapá conned Trump supporters into buying T-shirts proclaiming “I Support Donald"—but the message transforms into something very different when exposed to warm temperatures.
Duncan Tucker
future of food

How to Kickstart Your Own Bug Diet

I spoke to Katharina Unger, a designer who has created a sleek setup to help you grow, harvest, and cook your first meal of worms from the comfort of your home.

What Happens When You Leave Everything Behind to Open Your First Restaurant

Coming to grips with the disconnect between the reality of a restaurant and its Platonic ideal is something most chefs will spend their entire careers wrestling with.
Alex Swerdloff

Nobody Gives a Damn About Frozen Orange Juice Anymore

Frozen concentrated juices have been on the decline for decades, but now sales of the stuff are really in the pits, with Americans drinking just 1.4 million gallons worth per month compared to 19 million gallons of non-frozen juice.
Wyatt Marshall

There Is Now Nothing to Stand in the Way of the World's Largest Beer Merger

Despite a recent crackdown by the US Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission on a spate of mergers, the US government has now officially approved the incorporation of these two beer giants.
Alex Swerdloff

Did This Restaurant Really Ban Pokémon GO Users?

While some businesses have purchased in-game items that cause Pokémon to congregate in a particular place in order to draw customers, a photo circulating on Reddit suggests that Dairy Queen isn't so friendly.
Wyatt Marshall

Ken Hom Wants You to Know That He’s a Teacher, Not a Celebrity Chef

Despite being one of the most recognisable faces in British food, the Chinese chef isn’t doing it for the fame. “I’m most proud of being a teacher,” he says. “I hate this kind of thing: celebrity chefs. It gives false hope for young chefs—all they want...
Jamie Fullerton
Food policy

A Free-Trade Deal Is Threatening the Future of Europe's Food

The controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal would make trade between Europe and the US far easier than it is now—but many are worried that it could undermine food quality everywhere.
Josh Barrie
East Coast

Fuck, That's Delicious: East Coast

The second episode of Fuck, That's Delicious is a great example of what happens when a Queens-born Albanian rap star gets his cousin out of jail on bail, and then brings him on a rap/eating tour ranging from Florida to Pennsylvania.
Action Bronson