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13-Year-Old with Severe Dairy Allergy Dies After Classmate Puts Cheese Down His Shirt

A student was arrested shortly after the incident on suspicion of attempted murder.
Jelisa Castrodale
12 hours ago
VICE Guide to Life

The Best Way to Grocery Shop? Like a Conspiracy Theory Nut

Grocery stores are designed strategically to get you to buy lots of things that you don’t need. Here's how not to fall for it.
Danielle Wayda
14 hours ago

Turns Out You Can Put Takis Flavor Crystals on Everything

I opened a bag of Takis to find a giant, magical lump of nitro seasoning awaiting me. Here's what I did with it.
B. David Zarley
17 hours ago
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Inside the NSFW Subreddit that Combines Nudes and Craft Beer Nerdery

r/ShowerBeersGoneWild's nearly 8,000 members run the gamut between men and women, microbrew aficionados and Bud Light Lime lovers.
Luke Winkie
17 hours ago

Make Mustard-Braised Chicken

This weeknight-friendly dish uses two types of mustard, white wine, and heavy cream to create the greatest pan sauce you've ever tasted.

Mustard-Braised Chicken Recipe

This simple pan-roasted chicken recipe has 2 kinds of mustard, a touch of cream, and is all-around perfection.
Farideh Sadeghin
19 hours ago

Australia Is Freaking Out as Strawberry Needle Panic Continues to Grow

Authorities are now investigating more than 100 incidents of needles in strawberries, and at least six Australian states have been affected.
Jelisa Castrodale
a day ago
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A Guide to the Sleeper Hits of the Jewish Deli

As a Nice Jewish Girl, I was raised on an assortment of nose-to-tail shtetl classics that never made it mainstream.
Rachel Myerson
a day ago
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18 Super-Spicy Recipes to Clear Your Sinuses and Melt Your Face

Munchies Staff
2 days ago

Restaurant Ticket Calls Woman 'Crazy Bitch' for Ordering a Burger Without Cheese

"No cheese on this dam burger crazy bitch ordered it"
Jelisa Castrodale
2 days ago
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How to Cook Without Giving Anyone Food Poisoning

You're probably going to be fine, but let's cover the basics just in case.
Munchies Staff
2 days ago

White Zin, the Pink Wine Everyone Loves to Hate, Is Making a Comeback

Your mom is cool again.
Sara Ventiera
2 days ago