British Man Tries to Take Down Neighboring Restaurant for Making His House Smell Like Garlic

"You may have noticed a message from our neighbor in the window making derogatory claims..."
Hannah Keyser
an hour ago
Make this

18 Apple Recipes Because You Thought Apple Picking Would Be "So Fun"

You picked this apple bed, and now you have to lie in it.
Munchies Staff
3 hours ago

Border Patrol Beagle Delighted to Find Roasted Pig Head in Suitcase in Atlanta

Everyone else is not.
Jelisa Castrodale
3 hours ago
food safety

This Book Reveals the Truth About All of Our Grossest Food Habits

From double-dipping to beer pong hygiene, Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon are exploring the nastiest questions of food science.
Lauren Rothman
5 hours ago
Dirty Work

Natasha Pickowicz and the Flora Bar Crew Made Us the Best Family Meal Ever

The pastry chef came ready to weather the storm in full "farmer cosplay."
Danielle Wayda
8 hours ago

This 40-Pound Pizza Burger Thing Is The Best/Grossest Way to Donate $2,000 to Hurricane Victims

“Everybody said I was crazy, I was out of my mind, how are you going to cook it? How are you going to put it all together?”
Jelisa Castrodale
9 hours ago

Matty Matheson's Ultimate Burger Recipe

The king of burgers, Matty Matheson, shares with us his favorite recipe.
Matty Matheson
10 hours ago

Someone Has Infused Beer with the Maligned Halloween Treat Known as Candy Corn

Hannah Keyser
a day ago

Get Your Dumpling Horoscope by Consulting the Dim Sum Zodiac

Artist Everest Strayer-Wong's fantastical illustrations of food and drink feel right out of a Studio Ghibli film.
Kat Thompson
a day ago

Mom Claims Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pie Gave Her Toddler Second-Degree Burns

"A $5 box of pizza should NEVER end with a trip to the ER."
Jelisa Castrodale
a day ago
Fridge Tours

The Owners of Portland's Kachka Say Adulthood Comes with a Second Fridge

In Bonnie Frumkin Morales' first fridge: preserves and breakfast burrito ingredients. In the second: booze.
Farideh Sadeghin
a day ago
Hong Kong

This Hong Kong Food Startup Hires the Elderly to Package Its Organic Frozen Dinners

Kenneth Choi Man-Kin's project not only provides jobs and a sense of community for the elderly, but also combats food waste from local farms.
Lauren Rothman
a day ago