Listen to ‘MUNCHIES: The Podcast’ with Coffee Psychic Sema Bal

What if a cup of coffee could predict your fate? On the latest episode of the podcast, I speak to one of the only coffee psychics in the United States to put her caffeinated telepathy to the test.

Dec 14 2015, 8:00pm

Image by Adam Mignanelli

What if a cup of coffee could predict whether or not Donald Trump's toupée will win the next election, or at the very least, your own fate?

For coffee psychic Sema Bal, this is all possible.

One of the only coffee psychics—or in her words, "Coffee Messengers"—in the United States, Bal is a veteran reader who has been scrying strangers' destinies with the dregs of Turkish coffee grounds since the age of 20. She's appeared on such reality shows as The Real Housewives of New York City, when she predicted some hair-bending prophesies for cast members like one widow's impending reunion with her deceased husband.

So on the latest episode of MUNCHIES: The Podcast, I head out to Sema's house to put her caffeinated telepathy to the test. I'll sip on some damn' fine coffee with her, see if she can forecast my destiny, and learn more about the historical origins of this tradition. Things will get pretty freaky.

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