Being Frank: Peru, Part 1

In the first half of Being Frank's Peru adventure, The Franks introduce viewers to Virgilio Martinez and Gastón Acurio, two of Latin America's best chefs.

The Franks

In the first half of this two-parter in Peru, The Franks introduce viewers to chefs Virgilio Martinez and Gastón Acurio. After dining at the bastion of Acurio's international, 40-restaurant empire (Astrid & Gastón), our guys dive for their dinner with the chef de cuisine, Diego Muñoz.

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On a boat, this T-Pain-less trio cooks ceviche before backtracking to Lima with Martinez—owner of the nation's top-ranked restaurant (Central, which was also named the #15 Restaurant in the World), who only found food after shoulder injuries snuffed out his pro skateboarding career.

Jonesing for Martinez's signature dish, Cushuro—a plant reminiscent of "mountain-water tapioca" and foraged from Andean swamp-land—Being Frank ascends 13,000 feet to Lake Coricocha to handpick some of nature's most toothsome bacteria.

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