Help Us Identify This Extremely Moldy Food (?) Found in an Airbnb Microwave

It's the worst thing I've ever seen!!!

Apr 25 2018, 10:14pm

Photo courtesy Autumn Hurst and Delish.

Great stuff: I’ve just come across what may be the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a photo of what I’m told is some mold that Delish editor Lindsey Ramsey reportedly found in a microwave during a recent Airbnb stay in Charleston, South Carolina.

It’s just this, like, lumpen block of black matter that has existed and accumulated while sitting, presumably unattended, for God knows how long inside a kitchen appliance.

Look at it.

Photo courtesy Autumn Hurst and Delish.

I hate this photograph!!!!!

What the fuck could this be? What’s underneath all that furry fungal material? My first guess was “a Furby.”

"As I said in my story, I have NO IDEA what it was," Ramsey told MUNCHIES on Wednesday over email. "We were so terrified we got the hell out of there before investigating further. All my best guesses are in my story, but also MAKE NO SENSE of items you’d actually put in a microwave."

Ramsey, who claims Airbnb refunded her fully for her stay after she and her companions bolted out of there, states that it was clearly food, judging from the rancid odor that ravaged her poor nostrils when she opened the microwave. So it seems this was something that was (at one point) edible, which removes my guess of Furby from the equation, unless you've got some dietary fetishes I don't know about.

Hmm... What could it be? How about...

Photo via MaxPixel.

A squashed grapefruit?

Photo via Pixabay.

The head of a large mushroom??

Photo via Pixabay.

A wheel of cheese?????

Photo via MaxPixel.


Photo via Pxhere.

A broccoli-cheddar Hot Pocket????

A molten chocolate cake?????

Photo via Pixabay.

A football cheese ball?????

A small Jack-O-Lantern???

Photo via Pixabay.

Perhaps a bunny??????????? Does Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction own this Airbnb??

This bagel tiramisu from the Hallmark channel?????

Photo via MaxPixel.

And still no answers. Suggestions welcome!