Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

Pizza Potatoes Are the Most Amazing Casserole You Never Knew You Needed

Comfort food game: SO strong.

Nov 10 2017, 8:00pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

You may think you know all there is to know about pizza. Hell, maybe you've been deep in The Pizza Show since season one, episode one, and you feel as well-versed as one can be in the timeless, perfect combination of carbs, cheese, and tomato sauce.

We're here to throw a wrench in the works. Here is a side dish that embodies that endlessly craveable pizza flavor while still operating as something you can eat alongside your entree without feeling buzzkilling pangs of guilt.

Speaking of The Pizza Show, this recipe is straight from Frank Pinello's auntie (Frank is, of course, our fearless host on the series). You know that Eddie Money song "Two Tickets to Paradise"? We'd like to suggest a rewrite called "Five Ingredients to Paradise," because that's what Pizza Potatoes is.

RECIPE: Pizza Potatoes

It's super simple: potatoes, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and provolone. Sauté it, lay it, and bake it, and boom—you're walkin' straight through the gates of heaven.

Put on Eddie Money's self-titled 1977 record and let's get down to business.