VICE Eats World: Perfect Pork Sandwiches, Queso-Dipped Tots, and Lumpfish Sperm

In this installment of our biweekly food porn column, our staff travels from San Francisco to Denmark and eats everything available in between.

Mar 11 2016, 5:00pm

At MUNCHIES, we obviously love to eat. But it's not just us who's keen on stuffing our faces: The rest of the VICE staff—who are scattered all over the planet working on stories, projects, and videos—also knows how to eat like champs.

In our column VICE Eats World, we ask fellow VICE employees to submit photos of all of the fodder they encountered at whatever corner of the globe their roles took them to. This week, the MUNCHIES staff shares some of the weird, wonderful snacks and decadent dinners they've come face-to-face with in recent months, from stone crab claws in Miami to lumpfish sperm in Copenhagen.

Hilary Pollack(@jaggedlittlehil) Associate Editor, MUNCHIES


"I am truly obsessed with a little Russian spot in my neighborhood called Masha and the Bear. These are their zucchini latkes with eggs, pickled carrots, lox, and some delicious salty slaw."


"I went on a sandwich crawl with my friend Ryan last weekend. We started with this roast pork sandwich from Meat Hook Sandwich and it was total perfection. The bread is amazing, the pork is tender and savory, and it's topped with crunchy fennel, anchovy mayo, and a slightly sweet raisin vinaigrette. Still dreaming of it, TBH."

Sydney Kramer (@crepesofwrath) Social Editor, MUNCHIES


"Latkes with salmon roe and creme fraiche, pickled herring on pumpernickel, and lox on rye bread from Russ & Daughters. Oh, and Prosecco with a side of orange juice, because why not? This is literally my dream breakfast (or lunch or dinner)."


"I saw There Will Be Blood for brunch at Nitehawk Cinema last week, followed with a post-movie bowl of crispy tots with a side of queso. It's the kind of thing you crave after watching someone get their head bashed in with a bowling pin."


"It's totally worth getting to Maison Premiere early to take advantage of their oyster happy hour—I always take friends here when they're visiting from out of town. These bivalves are best enjoyed with an absinthe cocktail or two, and maybe a side of their warm bread with seaweed butter."


"My favorite neighborhood bar is Burnside in Williamsburg. My friends and I will go here on the weekends and play cards or shuffleboard and eat way too many fried cheese curds and baskets of their McDonald's-like French fries."

Helen Hollyman(@helenhollyman) Editor-in-Chief, MUNCHIES


"Stone Crab at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami."


"Day boat scallops, pickled chanterelle, and oroblanco at Lowlife in NYC."


"Poached lobster, salsify, and tarragon from Lowlife."

Lauren Cynamon(@cynabuni) Executive Producer, MUNCHIES


"A morning bun from Tartine in San Francisco."


"...followed, of course, by ice cream sandwiches at State Bird Provisions."

Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen(@hinnerskov) Editor, MUNCHIES Denmark


"At newly opened restaurant Ante in Copenhagen, they break down and serve a whole lumpfish: skin, liver, sperm, roe, filet, and fat. Especially the fat and sperm are things of rare beauty and remarkable taste."