Quit Drinking Your Old Fashioned the Old-Fashioned Way

Give your old fashioned the Thai treatment.

Oct 30 2016, 7:00pm


Not to go all Ned Stark on you, but winter is coming. And it's bringing its snow and its seasonal depression and its Netflix and binge eating. The impending cold has us dreaming about the warm climes of Thailand, where we can binge eat relatively healthy curries instead of mac and cheese and lasagna, lay by the beach, and party by the full moon.

Actually, scratch that last part. Just the thought of going to another full-moon party and drinking booze by the bucket-full has us reaching for the Advil and Pedialyte.

Luckily, Dev Johnson came up with a way to bring Southeast Asia to your glass with this Thai Old Fashioned from the cocktail list he designed for Thai seafood-focused restaurant Fish Cheeks—without the Full-Moon hangover.

Johnson—who also happens to be the Employees Only principal bartender—took the same Mekhong whiskey (which is actually more like rum) that terrorizes backpackers in Thailand when mixed with Thai Red Bull and soda in those infamous buckets, and gave it the classic-cocktail treatment.

RECIPE: Thai Old Fashioned

Johnson has taught us that Mekhong plays way better with angostura, chocolate, and orange bitters, makrut lime leaves, and sugar.

Drink a couple now and you'll forget that winter is indeed coming.