Millennials Still Don't Want to Eat Cereal

Generation Y really doesn't like washing dried Corn Flakes off bowls.

Dec 8 2016, 6:00pm

Earlier this year, market research company Mintel reported that Millennials were ditching cereal because they just can't deal with washing up their bowls and spoons.

And now, further evidence has revealed that those special Generation Y snowflakes still don't want to do the dishes.

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Financial services company Credit Suisse announced on Wednesday that it was downgrading the rating of cereal manufacturer Kellogg's from "Outperform" to "Neutral," citing its failure to engage young consumers.

Over the past year, Kellogg's has attempted to engage Millennials by opening a cereal cafe and attempting to repackage Frosted Flakes and Special K into snack foods. But the company still failed to hitch a ride on the the 90s nostalgia wave and persuade smashed-avo-on-toast-obsessed Millennials to pick up the Coco Pops.

Maybe Millennials really do just hate Fairy Liquid that much.

Analysts at Credit Suisse wrote in the report that Kellogg's "took several positive steps to re-engage Millennial consumers with more granolas, mueslis, and 'fashion-forward' ingredients. But from what we can tell, these efforts have not fully stabilised the business."

Whatever "fashion-forward" cereal looks like.

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It's the latest incident in a bad couple of weeks for Kellogg's. The company recently hit the headlines in an Internet war with Breitbart News after rightfully pulling ads from the alt-right news site.

Anyone for a coco puffs Negroni to take the edge off? No dishes involved.