Rainbow Cereal Bars Are the Perfect Way to Kick Off 4/20

'Fuck, That's Delicious' host Action Bronson invented these beauties, because of course he did.

Apr 20 2017, 2:00pm

Insert "wake and bake" joke here, because yes, it's that day for people who smoke weed, and yes, we have a pretty radical recipe that you can wake and "bake," and friends, it is going to combine your loves of breakfast, dessert, and stoner food in the best way possible. 

First, you're going to need to get high and hit the supermarket. Come on now. Off you go! 

Head on down to the cereal aisle and stare at all of those colorful boxes of starch and sugar until you pick six or eight or 20 that speak to you. The brighter and zanier, the better. Put all of them in your cart. Yes, ALL OF THEM. 

Now, grab a couple of bags of mini marshmallows and a thingy of Oreos. Buy it all. 

When you get home, use your hands or a hammer or really any old thing that can serve as a mallet  (bowling pin? electric guitar?) to crush up a grip of Oreos. Dump a bunch of cereal into a huge bowl and add your cookie shards. 

This is so fun. 

Melt and mix the marshmallows with butter until you get the sweet, edible glue that historically has held together Rice Krispies treats, which are the basic ass version of what you are about to eat. You, friend, are about to literally eat a rainbow. Certainly a double rainbow, and possibly even a triple rainbow. 

Guess what happens next? You'll douse the unicorn potpourri in the sticky marshmallow magic, and ta-da. 

RECIPE: Rainbow Cereal Treats

In the words of Bob Marley, who should be a patron saint of 4/20: "I'm a rainbow, too."