KFC Japan Is Handing Out Finger Condoms to Protect Your Nails from Chicken Grease

These “finger nups” cover your thumb and index fingers to allow you to daintily hold your chicken.

Dec 19 2016, 10:00pm

Photo via Instagram user tokyo_dog

There may be nothing quite like fried chicken, but there's also nothing quite like the greasy mess that comes with ripping through a fast-food three-piece. Your drumstick laughs at your feeble attempts to stem the oily carnage with paper napkins. But hope is out there, and KFC Japan has brought a (somewhat) elegant solution to the table: plastic finger napkins.

These "finger nups" cover your thumb and index fingers to allow you to either daintily hold your chicken or mercilessly tear into it in a protected, pincer-like fashion. Per a KFC Japan press release, the finger nup is "perfect for customers wanting to protect their manicured nails, and those wanting to use their smartphones or laptops immediately after their meal."

KFC Japan purportedly introduced the finger nup after seeing customers hold their chicken with paper napkins in a futile attempt to avoid greasy fingers. (KFC China already gives customers plastic gloves.) But the two-finger plastic napkin isn't a KFC invention—according to Rocket News 24, the finger coverings have been seen in fast food restaurants in other countries before, and apparently they're a big deal in Korea.

Customers will have to ask for the finger nup at the 222 stores where they are being rolled out. Unfortunately, we won't be getting finger protectors here in the US. A KFC representative told MUNCHIES there currently are no plans to roll out finger nups anywhere other than Japan.

That said, you can buy your own on Amazon for about $9, but only you can decide if protecting your fingers from grease is worth all the weird looks from your fellow KFC diners.