Coffee Butter Now Exists to Help You Deal with Mornings

Spreadable caffeine is in your future.

Mornings seem harder than ever these days. You can't deal with midweek hangovers like you used to and who knows what fresh havoc Trump has caused while you were sleeping? By the time you muster the will to get up and face the imploding world, you're already half an hour late for work. There's no way you have the time to make a healthy breakfast and brew a mug of Nescafé's finest. The struggle is real etc, etc.

Enter coffee butter: a new spreadable caffeine creation from Japan and the savior of people who Don't Do Mornings everywhere. Get ready to spread your flat white on toast.

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The coffee-infused butter has been created by Japanese dairy company Megmilk Snow Brand to celebrate the 55th anniversary of its popular instant coffee. It says that the soft spread is designed to be used as butter usually would, on bread, toast, or croissants.

Because putting butter in your coffee is so 2014.

Tubs of the coffee spread will retail at 230 Japanese Yen (around $2.00) and go on sale next month. Megmilk Snow Brand says the taste is sweet and milky, similar to that of their instant coffee.

You can literally have your coffee and eat it, too.