Tropical Cookies and Cream

You kind of can't screw up this dessert. And it's perfect for sharing with 1 or 2 other people (although, maybe you won't want to share? and that's ok, too).

May 30 2017, 11:00pm

Servings: 2-4
Prep: 5 minutes
Total:15 minutes


for the whipped cream:
3/4 cup|165 ml heavy cream
1 tablespoon|15 ml coconut extract
1 tablespoon|13 grams light brown sugar
1 lime, zested
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
6 'nilla wafers

for serving:
5 oreo cookies
vanilla ice cream
rum and coconut granita


1.  In a large bowl, mix the cream with the coconut extract, brown sugar, lime zest, and vanilla seeds. Using a hand mixer or whisk, gently beat the cream until stiff peaks form, then stir in the 'nilla wafers.

2. In a medium bowl, crush some oreos into the bottom. Top with a layer of ice cream, then a layer of the whipped cream. Finish with a layer of granita and dig in.