Embrace Your Inner Rastafari with This Spirulina and Banana Chocolate Smoothie

It's like Chronixx says, “Mek you food be yuh medicine, yuh medicine yuh food.”

"Spirulina buil up mi confidence.... Spirulina we blending, so you know I'll be spending every dollar out a mi bill fold."

Those are words of Jamaican Reggae star Chronixx on his 2014 song "Spirulina." The singer is well-known for his love of ital cooking and pretty much all things Rastafari. He also seems to be just a tiny bit obsessed with spirulina, a.k.a. blue-green algae.

Luckily for you, Chronixx was kind enough to share with MUNCHIES his recipe for a killer spirulina and banana chocolate smoothie. And really, is there a single human being on this planet who is better suited to teaching others how to make a spirulina smoothie than a man who once recorded an entire song about the stuff? We sure as hell think not.

Chronixx's recipe embraces all the best elements of ital cooking and is packed with ingredients like medjool dates, kale, pumpkin seeds, hemp milk, and spirulina, which Chronixx says tastes exactly like "the deep sea."

Chronixx likes the smoothie so much, he told us last year that it happens to be "my favorite breakfast, and my favorite dinner, my favorite lunch, my favorite brunch."

RECIPE: Spirulina and Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Once you make Chronixx's spirulina and banana chocolate smoothie for yourself, you too will be calling for someone to "gimmi a bottle a spirulina." After all, it's like Chronixx says, "Mek you food be yuh medicine, yuh medicine yuh food."