Whiskey, Juggalos, and Oxtail Curry Collide in This Tour of San Francisco

A night out with State Bird Provisions.

Oct 11 2017, 2:00pm

Chef-owner Stuart Brioza of San Francisco's State Bird Provisions took a star turn in an early episode of Chef's Night Out, where, between swigs of premium Japanese whiskey, he learned about the finer points of Juggalo culture. It's not all Juggalos and booze, though. At the end of the night, Brioza and company headed back to State Bird for the obligatory end-of-night chef dish: a Malaysian-style oxtail curry served with a gigantic sheet of roti fried up by his wife and business partner Nicole Krasinski. Packed with fatty beef, hot spices, and a roti booze mop, it's a perfect drinking food.

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WATCH: Chef's Night Out: State Bird Provisions

Watch the episode, order the book, and enjoy.