College Student Attempts to Devour 100 McChicken Sandwiches in 24 Hours

It went poorly.

Nov 1 2017, 6:30pm

Photo via Flickr user Elsie Hui

The McChicken is a marvel of a 350-calorie sandwich—lettuce shredded into vegetal confetti, a heaping smear of mayonnaise, and a breaded chicken patty sitting askew between two soft, gently toasted buns. One sandwich is enough to satiate most people.

But not Derek Metcalf, a senior at Michigan State University who attempted to consume 100 McChicken sandwiches within the span of 24 hours. Metcalf, quite the intrepid gourmand, performed this stunt in response to a challenge he came across on Snapchat that dared any danger-seeking soul to eat that many sandwiches within 24 hours without vomiting. A tall order, to be sure; this is a self-flagellating exercise by design. (McDonald's did not respond to immediate requests for comment from MUNCHIES regarding whether it condones such a practice, nor did the East Lansing location from which Metcalf ordered these sandwiches.)

Metcalf took to Snapchat to document his endeavor, and his stories amassed over 5,000 views. It began at 4:30 AM on Monday of last week, as the Lansing State Journal reported, when he began by eating ten chicken sandwiches he'd ordered from his nearby McDonald's the night prior. He readied his body by working out strenuously the weekend before so his body would be able to retain the sandwiches.

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However, as the day progressed and Metcalf continued through this quest, he reached a point where it was taking him 30 minutes to make his way through a single sandwich. The onus fell on the generous volume of mayonnaise in each McChicken. "Too much mayo makes a man weak," Metcalf told the Lansing State Journal. "It was really hard to eat that amount of mayo."

His pace slowed remarkably as the day wore on; he continually visited the same McDonald's location and ordered five sandwiches at a time, pan-frying after refrigeration and chopping one up to enliven his punishing gastronomic routine.

Alas, this was futile. Metcalf ended at 24 sandwiches, unable to consume more without expelling the contents of his stomach. (One MUNCHIES staffer called this a "pathetic showing," to which another staffer responded that eating 24 sandwiches in a single day is still impressive. You, reader, can be the judge.)

You tried, my man.