This Chicken Tikka Poutine Is the Best Way to Eat French Fries

It's time to get weird and douse a pile of fries with brown gravy, cheese curds, and the glorious Indian-English dish that is chicken tikka masala.

Sep 11 2015, 6:00pm


Could you imagine a world without French fries? What else would flank our burgers, fill our diner plates, and pass from our greasy fingers to our mouths so delightfully mindlessly?

In fact, their name is a bit of a misnomer, because you'll find fries (or "chips," if you prefer that term) at pretty much every corner of the Earth at this point, from a banh mi in Vietnam to a vending machine in Australia to a street corner in Belgium.

It makes sense that different cultures will put their own spin—and toppings—on deep-fried slivers of potato. And that's what makes LA eatery Badmaash's holy creation of Chicken Tikka Poutine so genius.

RECIPE: Chicken Tikka Poutine

Start with russet potatoes, make them into fries, and add "extra-squeaky" cheese curds and brown gravy. There's your poutine, just as you'd enjoy it in a pub in Canada.

But then, it's time to get weird and douse all that in the classic, glorious, Indian-English dish that is chicken tikka masala. Try to eat just one fry touched by all of that magic. Absolutely impossible.

The only other way to make chicken tikka masala even better than its traditional form might be to put it on pizza. But there's also no reason why you can't do both.