Watch a College Student Shotgun 13 Beers While Running a Half-Marathon

A hero of our time, really.

Apr 14 2017, 7:06pm

For the average exercise-averse person, running a half marathon or chugging 13 beers in under two hours might appear beyond the realm of realistic physical possibilities. One undergrad, however, just made the rest of us look bad when he did both at the same time.

On April 1, Notre Dame senior Emmet Farnan set out to accomplish the frattiest of goals: running a 13-mile race while chugging excessive amounts of cheap brews. The inspiration? Something called a "beer mile," during which a runner traditionally runs around a 400-meter track for a mile, downing a beer for each lap. However, some—including Farnan—have taken this concept to the next level, applying it to longer races.

In a video documenting the hoppy feat, Farnan records his shotgunning escapades, one Coors Light at a time. "I wish this was an April Fools joke," Farnan says to the camera as he prepares for the university-organized run, "but I'm going to run the Holy Half right now, and I'm gonna do it a little special… Every mile, I'm going to shotgun a beer at the beginning of it."

Despite predicting he'd die by "mile seven or eight," after downing his first beer at 8:30 AM, Farnan completed the race in one hour, 43 minutes, and 42 seconds—a great time for any runner, much less one downing cans of carbonated booze at the same time. "Holy fuck," Farnan can be heard saying at the finish line.

Despite his best efforts, the undergrad's time didn't quite beat out the current beer half-marathon record holder—who also filmed his one-hour, 28-minute beer-fueled run for YouTube. According to, there is also an official record of a one-hour, 34-minute beer mile finish at the Ghent Half Marthon in Belgium last year.

Alas, according to the official beer mile regulations (yes, those exist), a few technicalities prevented Farnan's performance from being a true beer mile run—namely, that he shotgunned his beers and spit out some foam over the course of his run.

Assuming that many of us can't run more than a few miles or chug more than a few beers at once without wanting to pass out in defeat proves that Farnan's athletic accomplishment is nothing to be laughed at.

Unless we're talking about his shitty taste in beer—then laugh away.