Does Anyone Want a Doughnut That Tastes Like Weed but Doesn't Get You High?

Cue the thinking-face emoji.

Apr 20 2017, 9:00pm

Photo courtesy of Guild Extracts.

Is an edible still an edible if it's designed with the explicit purpose of not getting you high?

That is the question being asked by one California dispensary and a nearby doughnut chain, which have teamed up to create what they are calling the "world's first cannabis terpene-infused doughnut" for this year's 4/20 celebration. And yes: These doughnuts will taste and smell just like weed—but they won't get you even a little bit baked.

In preparation for today's one-day event at Psycho Donuts, Guild Extracts, a dispensary based in San Jose, California, has provided Psycho with a substance called terpene. For the uninitiated, marijuana is made of cannabinoids and terpenoids; THC—which, of course, gets you high—is a cannabinoid. Terpenoids, on the other hand, are basically aromatic compounds—they add flavor and fragrance, but none of the fun psychotropic effects we associate with weed.

Why infuse donuts with terpenoids but not cannabinoids? Well, terpenoids are part of the pot experience: "When you smell that signature marijuana smell, that's what's coming from the terpenes," The Guild CEO Claudio Miranda told Mashable.

A press release from Guild Extracts further explains, "The donuts will contain a custom-designed Guild stenciled print made of powdered sugar that will be dusted atop frosting infused with cannabis-derived terpenes provided by Guild Extracts. The donut cake and flavoring will be specially formulated to pair with the terpene profiles derived from cannabis strains, including Guild OG, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG and Jack Herer."

Hmmm. Will a sugar rush alone satisfy Psycho Donut's 420 customers?

If you're doubtful, hold on, because there's also this: Even though these doughnuts won't get you high, you'll still need a medical marijuana card to get one, given that California is still not a recreational marijuana state.

Does this seem like a lot of trouble without much payoff? Well, it is a free gourmet doughnut—one that smells and tastes a lot like something you probably really, really like.

Would it be better to have a doughnut that doesn't smell like weed, but does get you stoned as hell? Guess you'll just have to ponder that after taking a few more puffs.