Make These Crispy Ricotta Balls Before a Night of Drinking

They're the ultimate alcohol sponge.

Oct 26 2017, 7:00pm

What happens when sticks and balls collide? You get deep fried ricotta balls: a beautiful hybrid of the meatball and the mozzarella stick that is a drinking food of the highest level, as demonstrated by their recent appearance in Chef's Night Out.

Spinach, breadcrumbs, and ricotta cheese are bound together with eggs, then breaded and deep-fried and left to soak in tomato sauce. From the outside, they're indistinguishable from meatballs, but the tomato sauce veils a crispy breading and soft center.

RECIPE: Deep-Fried Ricotta Balls

This recipe comes to us courtesy of the women behind Cicchetti in Copenhagen, who stock up on these fried cheese balls before a big night out. We suggest you do the same.