Off the Beaten Path: Miami, From the Little River and Up the East Side

Chef Zapata and RAV4 Hybrid take you Off the Beaten Path to discover some of Miami's best restaurants, from Casablanca on the Miami River, to Pinch Kitchen on the Upper East Side.

Cesar Zapata

In the first episode of Off the Beaten Path, chef Zapata and RAV4 Hybrid take you to Casablanca, along the Miami River, to try some seafood straight off the boat from local Florida waters. Then he rides over to Miami's Upper East side to the Pinch Kitchen for a pinch of something different that's uniquely Miami. "Shown with options" "Availability/accuracy of the navigation system is dependent upon many factors. Use common sense. Service not available in every location. See Owners' Manual for details." "Always use safe driving practices and follow all traffic rules."

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