Whiskey, Cider, and Rosemary Punch

This recipe is so delicious, you'll want to hide it from your creepy uncle.

Nov 30 2016, 2:00pm

"This gets you fucked up for cheap."

Prep: 10 minutes


lots of rosemary sprigs

1 bottle cheap whiskey

1 gallon apple cider

1 each orange, sliced

ice cubes


1. The night before, or earlier in the day, fill a rounded Tupperware container or pint-sized plastic takeout container halfway with water. Add rosemary sprigs and place in freezer. When frozen, fill with water the rest of the way.

2. Shortly before guests arrive, add the ice cubes, whiskey, cider and orange slices to a punch bowl. Stir and top with rosemary to garnish.

From How-To: Throw a Holiday Party