Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

14 of the Best Super Bowl Foods (Even If You’re Only Watching the Half-time Show)

Everybody's a winner with nachos.

Jan 30 2018, 8:00pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

Here at MUNCHIES, we know that not all Super Bowl viewers are actually tuning in to appreciate a display of athleticism. Some of us are just here for the snacks. And the half-time show. (And maybe the excuse to get a thematic manicure.) Look, we know the NFL is a festering wound of late capitalism and exploitation of athletes. But you can at least choose to make your own finger foods rather than throwing your money at the league’s controversial-at-best “official pizza sponsor.” And if you truly have no team loyalties, consider the Juicy Lucy, the beast of a sandwich native to Minneapolis, who's hosting the championship game this year. When the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots on Sunday, the only thing under your control are your snacks and, if you're watching in Philly, your ability to climb a Crisco-ed street pole. So set yourself up for a personal victory with some of our best game day-ready bites.

Greek pizza, so named because of its method of preparation not its feta-and-olive heavy toppings, is, by most accounts, universally terrible. It’s also almost solely consumed in the New England region of the US. So, make of that what you will as a portent of things to come on Sunday. But after enough cheap beers, this Test Kitchen-approved version will either taste like sweet victory or a balm for your Tom Brady-loving soul.

We like to rag on the Philly cheesesteak here at MUNCHIES, and we’re not about to break tradition just for the Super Bowl. You could go the traditional route with Cheez Whiz if you really like feeling the burn of cheese-product on the way down, or you could harness the flavors of Korean bulgogi beef and improve upon the sandwich that even Philadelphians agree is kind of meh.

It’s super easy to make this cheesy, home-made pie a la The Pizza Show host Frank Pinello. So easy, and so delicious, you won’t think twice about not ordering out from the failing pizza sponsor of the NFL (sad!).

When you’re watching the game, you’ll want to keep one hand free for fist pumping when something good happens. (Or when Justin Timberlake comes on for the half time show.) It’s much easier to do that with a perfectly sized bagel bite.

You know you’re going to be serving dips on dips on dips. Go all out and fry up your own potato chips to take this game watching experience to another level.

There are so many different kinds of cheese in this dip, you might not have even noticed the artichokes if we hadn’t brought it up. Now that we have, consider this your vegetable side for this game day of indulgence. (We’ve also got a vegan version that’s pretty awesome, too.)

We have no idea what team Boston-based chef Jamie Bissonette roots for (since he also lives and works part time in New York City), but this seven-layer dip should be on offer at everyone’s party, no matter your team loyalties.

There are plenty of snack foods that are perfectly serviceable when you buy them frozen or jarred. Homemade, genuine Texas-style queso is one of those things that is so much better if you make it yourself. Don’t deny yourself the joy of this dip.

This is basically a crab cake in dip form, made easier for consuming while glued to the tv. It’s designed for football watching. Give it a shot.

You thought we were joking about “dips on dips on dips?” Nah. It’s not a Sunday night football experience if the entire surface of your coffee table isn’t covered in bowls and bowls of dips. Get scooping.

The first time the Eagles won the NFL championship in 1960, fondue was in style. Throwback to Philly’s golden age with this essential vintage party snack.

Kill two party snack birds with one stone here and heap pizza toppings on your nachos. When the game gets tense and the rivalries amp up, this is snack diplomacy—everyone agrees on pizza and nachos.

This recipe yields 22 mini-burgers, but we’ll let you decide how many full-size burgers that equates to. Eat to your heart’s content.

Why is it so satisfying to eat another bar snack out of a potato skin? Answer is unclear, but don’t dwell on that right now. Make a heaping tray of these and get your beer ready.